Odds are good that you’ve arrived here because you’re seeking out an online service through which to place a bet on Orlando Pirates vs Kaiser Chiefs. And if so, you’re far from being the only one. There’s football fans across not just South Africa, but all of Africa, looking to try their luck on this particular bout. 

And you can hardly blame them. The rivalry between the Pirates and the Chiefs – or the Soweto derby, as it’s frequently called – is a football rivalry that’s been going on since the 70s. It’s one of the most anticipated soccer events in SA – and SA is a nation that’s made about soccer. There’s no way for a football fan, be they South African or not, to not get seriously excited about it. 

And this widespread excitement, naturally, means that the bets on it are also widespread – which, of course, give rise in turn to seriously high betting odds. 

And whether or not you, personally, like to play high odds when betting, it’s always best to be sure, before you cast your bet, you know exactly what the odds are. 

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Odds On the Chiefs vs Pirates Soccer Match

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What kind of information do you feel would be the most useful for your Soweto derby bet? Maybe the latest odds on the Pirates to come out on top, maybe, or the experts’ latest predictions as to how the Chiefs will likely perform in this particular bout? Or would you rather be building your bet on more general information, like the overall performance of both the Chiefs and the Pirates in past Soweto derbies? 

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